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Educational Programs

MetaFour Productions  develops and distributes classroom-use video, educational media, emerging technology resources and virtual spaces that advance curriculum objectives and motivate student learning. 

Our unique team of educators, artists, and writers ensure that our programs create meaningful and enjoyable educational experiences that are exceptional tools for the classroom teacher and learners of all ages.

A fun and engaging series that utilizes tried and true strategies with music, rhyme, and humor for primary students in Grades K-1. Students make clear connections to their early reading programs by use of common word models.

Tackle the drudgery of teaching cursive handwriting with this adaptable series for Grades 2-5 that will inspire positive writing habits. Research has proven that cursive handwriting develops cognitive connections.


A series based on Common Core Standards that teaches vital Language Arts skills such as grammar, parts of speech, and punctuation. Introducing... Kragnatz, the two inch tall, would-be conqueror of Earth!

Numericon is a narrative-based episodic math game designed for emerging technologies focusing on linear equations, ratio and proportion, data and statistics, and geometry.

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