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Image by Annie Spratt

MetaFour Productions received generous funding from the Foundation for Global Community for the creation and distribution of the Beyond Walls project.


MetaFour Productions is collaborating in partnership with Facing History and Ourselves, an international nonprofit, whose mission is to help classrooms and communities worldwide link the past to moral choices today. MetaFour has provided art and digital art workshops complementing the Facing History curriculum to enable educators to replicate the experience with students.


MetaFour Productions is collaborating in partnership with the Western Justice Center Foundation, known for providing exemplary Conflict Resolution classes for families and for the workplace, and Peer Mediation leadership training for students. Complementing the Western Justice Center curriculum, MetaFour presents transformative art and digital

art workshops for students during and after-school. Educator workshops provide a replicable model for classroom use.

With the Western Justice Center, MetaFour Productions created the "Art for Peace" toolkit  which includes art materials and the "Art for Peace" Art Start Cards. These cards provide conflict resolution concepts, art tips, media techniques, a glossary of art terms and art history-based lessons that combine conflict resolution concepts with specific materials and activities. The "Art for Peace" Art Start Cards are a free download at the BeyondWallsOnline website in the resources section.


MetaFour Productions produced  "Deliberating in a Democracy," a documentary of the Constitutional Rights Foundation's classroom process for structured dialogue concerning controversial topics. Deliberating in a Democracy (DID), is a major

six year international initiative designed to improve student understanding of democratic principles and the skills of civic deliberation.

Deliberating in a Democracy

Alamo Colleges; San Antonio, TX

Bibliotheque et Archives Nationale du Quebec-BANQ; Quebec, Canada 

California County Educational Technology Consortium, Modesto, CA

Grant Wood Area Education Agency; Cedar Rapids, IA

Hawaii Department of Education; Honolulu, HI

Described and Captioned Media Program – National Association of the Deaf;  Spartanburg, SC 

Lane Education Service District; Eugene, OR

Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency; Fort Dodge, IA

South Carolina Virtual Charter School; Columbia, SC

Numerous Teachers (our heroes!) & Homeschool Families

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